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Contacting us

Email is the best method of contact. Our address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We need to know -

  • Your model and year - "I have got a Smart car" doesn't tell us anything.
  • Tell us the car's VIN = Vehicle Identification Number, also known as Chassis Number - this is a long 17 digit number, shown in your vehicle documents, and on a plate in your car itself, it looks like so - WME4513322K176543. This VINuniquely identifies all parts fitted to your car on the production-line; many parts will have changed over the years, we enter your VIN into the Smart Parts System in order to find the correct parts for your car. This is the principle of parts systems, as used by all auto manufacturers.
  • Tell us the side of the car - Left or Right ; "Passenger side" or "Driver side" is no use, since in different countries you may be steering from the Left or Right seat.

  Emails received without any VIN (or blank, saying "don't know") will receive reply saying solely that we need it in order to answer your enquiry - you will save yourself time by supplying it now.

Before emailing - this is an online shopping site - it was designed for you to search for your parts and prices ;and the shipping cost;

  • Start by selecting correct picture of YOUR model smart. The different models/years do NOT always use the same parts!!!
  • Select item(s) you want, from the correct section.
  • If you require more than one item, just go back to the HOME page and go through it again until you have all your items in the cart.
  • Now to find the shipping cost - go to the Checkout to input your address details (it MUST know your country!).
  • The shipping calculation can then be calculated and will display.
  • These features are common in ANY online shipping site.
  • If you really cannot find your required item, send an email.

Queries: If we need to ask suppliers for availability and prices, they could take 24 -48 hrs to reply.

Our business operates on weekdays only, Monday to Friday. We are CLOSED on weekend days - not 365/24/7. Replies will be by end of our next working day.

ERRORS with the Website:
June 2017: We are experiencing a problem at times with the link to our Sagepay Secure Payments screen; this is being investigated; meanwhile Paypal is still available.

If something does not seem to work on your phone please try using a PC.

If experiencing any other problems using this shopping site, we really need to know about it as soon as it happens - please report to us what problems you have; include whether you are on phone, tablet, pc, mac - and which browser being used. If we don't know that something is not right, we cannot fix it!