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Email is the best method of contact - sent from your browser. Our address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please tell us -

  • The first is a MUST HAVE - Your car's VIN = Vehicle Identification Number, or also known as Chassis Number - long 17 digit number, it is shown in your vehicle documents, and on plate in your car, like - WME4513322K176543. Without this, your risk is that we could send you incorrect parts.
  • Emails received with NO VIN (or left blank, saying "don't know" or  "I have a smart car") will hold things up - and so waste your time, as we will probably reply saying we need VIN in order to answer your enquiry - supplying VIN in the first instance will get quicker results.
  • If you need a SIDE part say Left or Right  - "Passenger side" or "Driver side" DOES NOT IDENTIFY TO US -  in different countries the driver may be steering in the the Left seat, or the Right. So by inference, the drivers seat position tells you which is Left (or Right).

BUT - Before emailing - this is an ONLINE SHOPPING SITE- designed for you to search for your parts and prices; and find out the shipping cost;

  • As mentioned above, BEGIN by selecting correct picture of YOUR model smart. The different models/years usually mean completely different parts!!!
  • Select item(s) you want, from each correct section. That item will now appear in the Shopping Cart at the top of screen.
  • If you require quantity of higher than 1, change it on screen - if you need other items, just go back to the HOME page and repeat until all your items are in the Shopping Cart.
  • If an item shows stock as zero, you need to email us for next availability (could also show up a price change if we have not reordered for some time) .
  • Then, to calculate the Shipping Cost - go to the Checkout and input your address details (it MUST know your country!).
  • Only now can the shipping amount be calculated and displayed to you. We cannot envisage all possible combinations of sizes and weights, and occasionally the system can bring up an error "No shipping calculation available", you will have to send us an email if this happens.
  • These features are common to ALL online shipping sites. Try
  • If you really cannot find your required item, then send the email.
  • We are in UK, our currency is Great Britain Pounds (GBP). We cannot tell you price in your own currency, it is easy to look for the daily exchange rate on the internet (like "what is GBP to USD exchange rate today"). Your payment will be received by us in GBP, and charged to your card in your own currency at the rate at the exact moment of payment.

Emails are normally answered within 24 hours, for that read the next working day.

ERRORS with the Website:
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If something does not seem to work on your phone please try using a PC.

If experiencing any other problems using this shopping site, we really need to know about it as soon as it happens - please report to us what problems you have; include whether you are on phone, tablet, pc, mac - and which browser being used. If we don't know that something is not right, we cannot fix it!





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