Smart Roadster 452 - Complete Front Strut 452LEG_STD_SBDC-NO_229

£ 160.00 each Weight: 4.999 kg

Single or Pair?


For the 452 Smart Roadster (2003-2005).

This is a SINGLE SIDE completely pre-assembled strut/leg. For the PAIR - BOTH SIDES, you must change Quantity to =2.

Our complete shock absorber units enable the customer or their garage to save considerable fitting time compared to the method of removal and stripping down the old units. Also, the use of special spring clamps is not required - and you should know that smart springs need very small clamps that most garages (or even shops that sell these clamps) do not have.

The delivered spare part has already been pre-assembled - so you have only the bottom bolt to remove, and top nut to be undone - and the old unit is out of the car - it means it is a truly “one-out and one-in” job. This method means that all parts which may have worn out are replaced in one fell swoop.

Just because you have a broken spring don’t kid yourself everything else can be reused – the rubber mount is usually shredded by the jagged broken end of the spring, the bearing can be rusted up and stiff or seizing, and shock absorbers are usually overdue for replacement after 50,000 miles in any case. If the shocker is the cause of the job, the springs are normally very rusty and about to break (look at the top and bottom of the spring around 8 to 10 cm from the end – there will be one, probably 2, rusty spots, caused in manufacturing where a pincer arm gets hold of the spring and dunks it in some paint, when the machine puts the spring down again 2 shiny spots of bright steel showing each side where the pincer had hold of it – 2 to 3 years down the line it has been rusting away in those spots, and the last bit of the spring snaps off – just there. Wonderful.

For garages & retail customers who fit their own items alike, this is a much faster and safer way to change these items. This also improves the security and driving quality of vehicles as you are changing everything not just using old parts with new.

Any garage will tell you it is best to change both sides together. Too expensive? Well, weigh up the cost of having just one done, with the one hour labour it takes for garage just to remove the front of the car and then only 15 minutes to replace one side; only for you to have to go back to them within few weeks/months for the other side – if one spring has broken, or one shocker is worn, they are both very probably in the same condition. Do the pair together - and that hour labour is not going to repeat (mercedes charge £125 per hour, + vat; I know this is not realistic cost of a smaller garage but it is still going to hit your pocket!).

LASTLY - Stretch bolt and hub dustcap (illustrated separate picture) can be ordered separately, the bolt does what it says, stretches when you tighten it up, so best to change it at the same time, see the following item.
Look at the condition of the Top Plate visible above wing, this is the part with the rubber ring around it, called Pull-Stop. Not much reason why you cannot reuse it, maybe some bodge job was done by a garage to change it previously, they have a habit of heating the top nut with a welder torch to loosen it, and distort this piece. If you want a new one it is a little further down the same screen page you are on.

NOTE - both front and rear springs on Brabus cars are exactly the same as the "normal" roadsters - the same part number shows on the Smart Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC). The only difference is the Sports Suspension (all silver shockers and springs) - these were never a production-line fitting, it was retro-fitted on request at the selling dealership after car was delivered , and before customer would have collected the car. We are not able to supply these as much more expensive and only very limited stocks now at mercedes Germany. Please do not tell us your car has lowered springs and the car must have come that way from the factory, some previous owner may have bought and fitted aftermarket lowered springs (which again we do not supply).

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