Smart Fortwo 450 - First Identify Your Panel COL450


You must first know which model of the 450 you have, the panels are not the same and in most cases will NOT cross-fit-

  • City Coupe 1998-2002                      * has almond shape headlamps, single dipping H4 bulb
  • Cabriolet (folding roof) 2000-2006 * has peanut shape headlamps, two bulbs per lamp
  • Facelift Coupe 2003-2006                * using same headlamps as cabriolet
  • If your car was made after 2006 you could be looking at the WRONG model, look closely at the pictures, chances you could have a 451, if so GO BACK and choose the 451 model at the top of the menu. There were undoubtably a number of 450 cars that were sold in 2007 after the new 451 was launched, but they do look very different.

Then identify from the panels picture which panel you want

Choose your Standard Smart colour for each panel to be painted - cannot do numeric-blue, scratch-black, aqua-orange/green/vanilla - if you've got one of these, you are really out of luck, Smart sold out all stock by end of 2006; you will have to put up with a mismatching panel or paint the whole car.
Painting takes 3-5 days from order date until despatch date. Cannot promise faster, the company we use have their own work and schedule us in between, and there are 9 stages -

  • transfer of panel from Smart to us
  • delivery to paintshop
  • preparation
  • primer coat
  • top coat
  • lacquer
  • polishing
  • return to us
  • packing/despatch.

Can't see anything in this picture called a BUMPER?
That's because there is no such thing. I mean, what and were exactly is it? Panels are known by their descriptions as shown in the picture above. We have known people describe just about every panel on the front and back as "the bumper". Bumpers were originally a chrome bar fitted low down across the front and back of older cars made up to the seventies, since then there has been no such thing.

We are supplying only NEW panels, if this is not what you want, you need to find a car breaker; in our opinion this carries a risk that the part(s) may not be suitable or fit for re-use; we have heard of many situations where somebody was sold body panels that did not fit, the seller having no appreciation there are so many different models. If somebody tells you they have a front wing (fender) which will fit a 2002 Smart, you really need to ask some more questions, there were 3 different models that year and it will fit only one of them! We are specialists and won't mess you about.

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